Frequently Asked Questions (FMOD+Godot)

What platforms can I use this integration on?

You can use this integration on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

What versions of Godot are compatible with this integration?

This integration works with Godot 4.0 stable and will support future releases.

Can I export my project to the web with this integration?

No, web exports are not supported at the moment. This is because the GDExtension project cannot link to the FMOD libraries that are required for this integration (at this moment).

Can I use this integration on consoles (Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)?

No, consoles are not supported by this integration due to the open source nature of this project.

However, FMOD does support consoles and it might be possible to make this integration work on them with some modifications.

If you or a porting studio are developing a Godot game for consoles and want to use this integration, you will need to do the following:

  • Port the Native Extension system in Godot source code to work with the console SDK of your choice. You will need to write code to load GDExtension libraries on your platform.
  • Port the godot-cpp bindings to work with the console SDK of your choice.
  • Port the integration project to create a shared library for the console SDK of your choice using the ported godot-cpp bindings.

Please note that this is not an easy task and it requires some expertise in C++ and console development. If you or your porting studio need technical advice, please feel free to contact me at

How can I report a bug or request a feature?

Please create a new issue on GitHub.

Make sure to include how to reproduce the bug and if possible, a sample project.

How can I contribute or support this project?

Please create issues and pull requests with your suggestions and improvements at the GitHub Repository.

Is this integration stable and production-ready?

This integration is still in development and has not been extensively tested in different games. GDExtension is a new system introduced in Godot 4.0 that is still in an experimental state. Therefore, I cannot guarantee its stability or readiness for production at this stage. However, I encourage you to evaluate the integration and try it out in your projects. If you encounter any issues or bugs, please report them on GitHub.

Where can I find technical help for this integration?

You can find tutorials and examples on how to use this integration here in the FMOD+Godot tutorials section on my website. If you have any issues or suggestions, please let me know on Github. For more in-depth, extensive or specific support, please contact me at

Is this an official FMOD integration for Godot?

No, this is an open source integration which is not affilliated with Firelight Technologies.

Do I need a license to use the integration in a commercial game?

Please consult the licensing page at for information about getting a license for your game.

There is a free Indie License available that should be attractive for indie developers.

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