Exporting your Godot 4 Project with FMOD

Exporting your Godot project doesn’t require many changes to your export templates.

In general, you want to add the *.bank filter to the Filters to export non-resource files/folders setting in the Resources tab of the export window. This will make sure that your banks will get exported as well:

Note: If you have banks for multiple platforms, every bank will be exported, regardless of the export platform choice. This will be fixed in a future update with an EditorExportPlugin.

Windows specific export settings

Debug exports require the MSVC C++-x64/x86-Buildtools and the Windows SDK to be installed. You can find those packages in the Visual Studio Installer.

Android specific export settings

Make sure to enable the Fmod Android Plugin in the export options. The Android plugin will use the FMOD logging libraries by default.

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