Building the FMOD for Godot integration

General Build instructions

This project uses SCons, a flexible and cross-platform software construction tool to build the GDExtension library.

You can build the library by navigating to the addons/FMOD/native directory and executing scons:

scons platform=macos target=template_debug fmod_api=/Applications/FMOD/FMOD Programmers API 20211 -j8

The required compilation parameters are:

  • platform: windows, macos, linux, android or ios
  • target: template_debug or template_release
  • fmod_api: path to the directory that contains the api folder downloaded from

Android specific build information

Please specify the ANDROID_NDK_ROOT and arch parameters:

scons platform=android target=template_debug ANDROID_NDK_ROOT=$ANDROID_NDK_LATEST_HOME arch=arm64 fmod_api=...

iOS specific build information

You can pass the ios_min_version parameter to scons to specify a minimum iOS version for the library:

scons platform=ios target=template_debug dev_build=yes fmod_api=/Applications/FMOD/FMOD\ Programmers\ API\ ios ios_min_version=12.0 -j8

Optional parameters

With target_path you can specify a specific directory for the shared library.

dev_build will build a library with debug symbols and no optimizations. The template_debug libraries in the GitHub releases use dev_build by default.

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